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About Bill Still: Renowned Expert in Political and Economic Analysis

Meet Bill Still, an acclaimed independent researcher and reporter known for his profound insights into politics, economy, and monetary reform. Bill's work illuminates complex topics with clarity and depth for any citizen to understand.

To learn more about his journey and contributions read his story below.

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Bill Still - Research Reviews

Milton Friedman Review:

“Mr. Carmack and Bill Still, As you know, I am entirely sympathetic with the objectives of your Monetary Reform Act…You deserve a great deal of credit for carrying through so thoroughly on your own conception…I am impressed by your persistence and attention to detail in your successive revisions…

Best wishes. Milton Friedman,” Nobel Laureate in Economics; Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace

W. Cleon Skousen Review:

"This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive presentation of the history of our money system and who is responsible for the disastrous consequences that has left us with an unconstitutional money system and multi-trillion dollar debt.” – Dr. W. Cleon Skousen, author of The Naked Capitalist and The Naked Communist

Edward G Griffin Review:

"I appreciate and applaud your efforts to accomplish something specific in the area of monetary reform. . . I do not hesitate to recommend that people view The Money Masters for the excellent overview of fraudulent banking which it presents. . . ” - Author of THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND; A Second Look at the Federal Reserve.

Arun Gandhi Review:

"Mr. Carmack & Bill Still, What you have shown in the scenario is what we are constantly doing at the personal level as well as the public level. It is the policy of exploitation that the rich employ against the poor. This is why grandfather [Mahatma Gandhi] said ‘Materialism and morality have an inverse relationship – when one increases the other decreases.’ If I may, I would like to keep the videos as resource material to teach students about economic violence in the world. With good wishes." - Yours sincerely, Arun Gandhi, M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

D. James Kennedy Review:

“Compelling! Excellently produced and impressively documented. If you want to learn what our Founding Fathers and Presidents have to say about money and its control, you will want to see [The Money Masters]…” - Dr. D. James Kennedy, Coral Ridge Ministries, FL

Aaron Russo Review:

“I’m a big fan of The Money Masters. It’s undoubtedly the best work on the Federal Reserve. It convinced me that the only solution to our economic troubles is the Monetary Reform Act. Before that, I had no idea how to get out of this mess. Why can’t our politicians get this? In a single year America could once again be on the path to political and economic freedom. I hold your work in the highest regard and drew from it heavily for my own film.” - Aaron Russo, Feb. 2007, Hollywood Producer, Director and Writer of America, Freedom to Fascism

The Secrets of the Federal Reserve: Bill Still’s Research into America’s Money System

Learn about America's financial system with Bill Still's groundbreaking research on the Federal Reserve. In his documentaries, Still unravels the intricate web of the Federal Reserve System, shedding light on how this central banking influences controls the U.S. economy and impacts every American citizen.

His meticulous analysis goes beyond the surface, exploring the origins, functions, and the often-controversial role of the Fed in manipulating monetary policy and the nation's money supply to cause either booms or busts to suit their political ends at the time. This revealing investigation into the Federal Reserve is not just informative but also a call to action, urging readers to understand the that the solution is not only simple, but effective because it has been used successfully 3 times before in American history.

Exposing Government Corruption and Media Bias: My Personal Mission

The Still Report, unmasks the layers of corruption within the U.S. government and mainstream media. Through rigorous research and an unwavering commitment to truth, I have dedicated my career to shining a light on the shadowy corners of government operations and media practices which are tearing our nation apart!

My investigations get into the intricate networks of power and influence that are deliberately obscured from the public eye. I've discovered that corruption is not just a matter of individual malfeasance but a systemic issue that permeates of governance and the mainstream media.

My reports aim to break the cycle of misinformation and biased reporting, providing you with factual, unfiltered insights into the maline influences by our government and media institutions. This is my life mission to fight for transparency and accountability in our society in order to regain our precious freedom.

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The Money Masters - Bill Still (Documentary 1996)

To my great surprise, The Money Masters exploded into public acclaim immediately upon its release in February 1996. We conservatively estimate that it has been viewed by over 200,000,000 worldwide. Despite its great length of 213 minutes, it is so information packed that many have viewed it multiple times.

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Award Winning documentary:

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The Secret of OZ - Bill Still
(Documentary 2009)

Fifteen years later, in response to many people asking for a shorter version of this monetary reform story, we put out The Secret of Oz. It was only 104 minutes long but focused in on the period of the J.P. Morgan era – the Golden Age – when railroads were at their peak – spanning the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The story is woven through the book “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” written by L. Frank Baum in 1900. Unfortunately, when MGM put out the film version in 1939, many of the clues to monetary reform were omitted, for example, Dorothy’s “ruby” were actually silver slippers in the book version, and the silver slippers allowed Dorothy to safely traverse the yellow brick (gold) road to Oz.

Watch the secret of oz

Explore Bill Still's Insightful Books on Politics and Economic Reform

The Money Masters
Reveals the history of money and why gold money is not the solution – but the problem. How King Henry I of England in the early 1100s created a new form of sovereign money called Tally Sticks which worked so well they allowed a small island nation – England – with few natural resources, to become the dominant power in the world by the 1700s. Sovereign money was introduced into colonial America out of necessity. Why? Because America had not developed gold mining capability and so there wasn’t enough gold to use it as money. So, America developed “Colonial Script” which was based on nothing, as their own sovereign money system.
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The Secret of OZ.
The Secret of Oz starts with President Jackson killing off the gold money system that the bankers had instituted after the formation of The United States of America. Abraham Lincoln won the Civil War by creating his own form of sovereign money, the Greenbacks. Incidentally, Greenbacks are still a form of legal tender, named United States Notes – as opposed to the dominant form of money today, the Federal Reserve Note.
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No More National Debt
In response to repeated cries for a book version of my monetary reform ideas, we published the world’s first interactive book – a book with embedded “QR Codes”, called “No More National Debt” in January of 2011.
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New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies
My first book was not on monetary reform. It was, however, the first book on the New World Order, which is today threatening to impose a global governance over all sovereign nations. The point is that national sovereignty is essential in deconsolidating power, which is the cornerstone of keeping nations relatively free. In 1973, a little known coup d’état was brewing deep inside the Nixon administration – one which if successful would have surprised the nation. Fortunately, this coup was defeated. How? Because the conspirators were unable to capture a sufficient number of flag officers of the U.S. military, before it was exposed.
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