March 9, 2024

The Money Masters Documentary 1996 - Bill Still

The Money Masters" is a thought-provoking documentary that delves deep into the convoluted world of money and debt.

Unveiling the Mysteries of Money and Power: A Comprehensive Review of "The Money Masters"

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What is The Money Masters About?

The Money Masters IMDB Review Rating
The Money Masters IMDB Review Rating

The Genesis of Modern Economic Woes

"The Money Masters" is a thought-provoking documentary that delves deep into the convoluted world of money and debt. It lays bare the startling truth that the greatest heist in human history is not a work of fiction but the reality of how our monetary system operates. The film masterfully unravels the intricate ways in which money and debt are created, shedding light on the hidden mechanisms that have led to current global economic predicaments. It argues convincingly that depressions aren't natural economic phenomena but are, in fact, orchestrated. Disturbingly, it reveals how the entire global money supply is essentially borrowed into existence from commercial banks, a system poised to wreak havoc on Western civilization and labeled as nothing short of legalized theft.

The Invisible Puppeteers: Wealthy Banking Families

The documentary explores the secretive world of the most influential banking families, such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Morgans. It unearths their immense power and control over global economics, stretching back to the 1700s. The film highlights their strategic involvement in government borrowing and manipulation of national debts, which has resulted in a growing wealth gap and economic instability worldwide.

The Birth of the Federal Reserve: A Turning Point in American History

In an eye-opening segment, "The Money Masters" details the clandestine meeting at Jekyll Island in 1910, where a powerful group, dubbed the "Money Trust," laid the groundwork for the Federal Reserve System. This meeting marked a significant shift in America's financial landscape, transferring the power to create money to a private entity. This historic event not only redefined American banking but also had far-reaching implications for the global economy.

The Rothschild Dynasty: Masters of the Banking Universe

The film delves into the enigmatic and influential Rothschild family, tracing their rise to power from a humble coin-trading operation in Frankfurt. It portrays how the Rothschilds revolutionized banking through fractional reserve lending and became pivotal players in European economics and politics. Their strategic lending to governments and manipulation of national debts are shown as prime examples of their far-reaching influence.

Andrew Jackson's War Against Central Banking

A pivotal chapter in the documentary is devoted to President Andrew Jackson's courageous battle against the Second Bank of the United States. Jackson's vehement opposition to this private central bank and his subsequent policy decisions, including the elimination of the national debt, are portrayed as landmark moments in American history.

The Greenback Revolution and Abraham Lincoln

Another highlight of the film is Abraham Lincoln's introduction of the Greenbacks - government-issued, debt-free currency. This bold move, aimed at financing the Civil War without succumbing to banker-imposed high-interest loans, is presented as a revolutionary step towards economic independence.

The Ongoing Struggle for Financial Sovereignty

The film concludes with a potent message about the importance of sovereign, debt-free currency as a solution to many of the world's economic woes. It advocates for governmental control over money creation, a move away from fractional reserve lending, and a system where nations issue their own currencies free of debt.

A Call to Action for Monetary Reform

"The Money Masters" is more than a documentary; it's a call to action. It urges viewers to understand the root causes of financial crises and to advocate for significant monetary reform. The film insists on the need for transparency and public control over the money supply to prevent future economic disasters.

In essence, "The Money Masters" is an enlightening and comprehensive guide through the labyrinth of global finance. It educates, provokes thought, and inspires action towards a more equitable and stable economic system. For anyone seeking to understand the true dynamics of money and power, this documentary is an essential watch.

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